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Fragrance Angels or Ambassadors
Fragrance Angels/Ambassadors hold catalogues and samples for family and friends, or at their workplace, or for local social, recreational or sports groups, taking orders for our products and receiving a commission for that service.

The Cost of becoming a Fragrance Angel? 


Contracts or Commitments? 

None, apart from the obvious obligation to not cheat your friends by just taking their money and doing nothing of course.



Age Restrictions?

None, as long as you tell your parents if you are under 16

What does a Fragrance Angel do? 

You show colleagues, family, friends, etc, the FM catalogues, use the Fragrance Finder to identify our products that are closest to the fragrances they love, and take orders for products they want.   You take your commission 'off the top', and pass the orders on to us at a discount. 

Your territory? 

Anywhere in the world.  Wherever your friends -- family, colleagues and people you know -- live, is your territory and you can take orders from them.

And what is the discount, or commission?

Up to 25%, depending on the size of the order.

What do you do have to do?

We are not looking for salespeople, please do not try to ‘Sell’ anyone the perfumes, make-up or home products. Just ask them for their help or their opinion.

Just show people the catalogues, and help them identify the fragrances they love using the fragrance finder.  Look up their favourite perfumes  and see which of our fragrances are from the same family group.  Ask them if they would like to try a sample. 

Why not just become a registered FM Customer or Distributor and have 33% commission

Some people are too young to register, minimum age 16, so this gives them a chance to start building a business before their 16th birthday.

Some people like to try a 'toe in the water' before jumping in.

And some people just don't like joining.

So, want to 'dip a toe'?  Couldn't be simpler, just contact us today

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