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Want to Buy?
We are John & Pam Bain, independent FM Group distributors

Phone us on
0800 877 8554


 01909 809033


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We sell by network marketing, where people talk to people about the products and the business.  No 'selling', just showing what is available.
And we would like you to join us.
   If you are concerned about whether you could or should do this,
look at this video.


Want to buy?

with what you need and we'll arrange the rest.

If you want to discuss your options, ring us on 01909 809033

We may have to charge postage, unless you are near Nottinghamshire, where we have a market stall in Retford every Saturday or near Oldcotes, where we live.  You can sample the fragrances on the market.

Want them even cheaper?  Consider becoming a Fragrance Angel and showing samples to colleagues and friends and earning a small commission on any sales.

The next step is to register as an FM Customer and buy at wholesale prices, 30% off the purchase price of our products. You can run your own business, promoting and selling FM Group products, working from home with hours to suit you and your family. There are no costs, no targets and no minimum orders, but you will have to sign a contract.

And you can go on to be an FM Distributor and recruit a team of other distributors, building a local, national or international business, working full-time or part-time.

The choice is yours.

Email us for more information

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