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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Are FM perfumes copies of High Street Brands?
Short Answer: No.

Back to Basics.
A perfume is a mixture of ingredients that gives of a pleasing scented vapour. If it is not pleasing, it is not a perfume.
We smell that vapour as a fragrance.
That vapour will smell differently from the bottle than it will from the skin of the user.
The perfume is unique and can be analysed and copyrighted.  The fragrance, which is an individual perception is not unique and can only be categorised.   That’s why two quite different perfumes can have the same or very similar fragrance.

The German based firm DROM, who make perfume oils for us, are one of the top 10 perfume manufacturers in the world.   Drom has branches in China, South America, USA, India and Europe and creates 50,000 new perfumes each year.   The FM group chooses 20-30 new perfume oils each year, has them bottled by Perfand in Poland, and sells them only to FM distributors in 60 countries all over the world.

FM distributors offer their customers a sample of the perfume to try at home because we know that our customers have found that a tester in a perfume counter can smell quite different from the fragrance from that brand when you get it home.

So, there are potentially billions of different perfumes, most not yet discovered, but only thousands of different fragrances.  One of our perfumes might smell like your favourite high street brand, but it is a different perfume and not a copy.

2:With 150 perfumes in the FM range, how do I know which ones to try.
Several different ways, and at only 50p a sample, you can have fun trying them all.

1:Read the description in the catalogue.
2:Use our Horoscope selector
3:Use our lifestyle selector at the back of the catalogue.
4:Select our perfumes in your favourite Fragrance Family and Subgroup at the back of the catalogue.
5:Use the Fragrance Finder. http://scentsforyou.co.uk/doc/FragranceFinder.xls  It asks for your favourite perfume, looks up its categorisation on the Fragrance Wheel, and shows you which FM perfumes come from the same families and subgroups.

Most FM distributors carry a complete set of perfume samples, talk to them and try some of their samples and you can eliminate any obvious no-no’s without buying the sample.  But remember a no-no for you might be a ‘must have’ for someone else.


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