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Want to Buy?
Want to give Perfume as a gift but worried about getting it wrong?

Order a Personalised Gift Card with a sample bottle of perfume of your choice and let them decide if they like it.

We will personalise a gift card for the recipient with their name, your name and a message.  You choose the picture on the card from the selection opposite or email us a jpeg picture.

You pay us 1.50+1 postage to make it and we post it either to you or to the recipient.

It will contain a sample bottle of the fragrance you have chosen or asked us to choose for you

If the recipient likes it, tell us, we bill you for the cost less the card price, and when the payment is received, we send them the perfume.

If they wish to choose another fragrance from our list,  ring us and we will send them more samples of perfume to try for 0.50 each, 1 for postage. 

And you do not pay the full price until they have sampled a fragrance they like.

Want to order a card?

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